As always, despite road closures, landslides, and collapsed bridges, we continue to grow, arrange, and deliver flowers.  Contact Kate. | (831) 667-2649

Bridal Bouquets

Simple, Elegant, Whimsical, and Wild

Maids Bouquets

Coordinating and Charming

Flower Crowns

Diminutive, Delicate, Flamboyant, and Fun


Classic, Lovely, and Unique


Subtle and Dignified

Flower Wands, Flower Hoops, & Petal Baskets

Perfect for flower girls


For tables, fireplaces, chair backs, fences

Floral Dog Collars

For your best friend { sizes Chihuahua to Great Dane }

Arches, Chuppahs & more

Rustic Redwood & Birch Posts, Bamboo

Rose Petals

A delicate scattering or lush carpeting

Kate’s Famous, Fragrant Petal Confetti

{ also known as Big Sur Hippy Mix }
Colorful blend of flower petals and fragrant herbs including roses, marigolds, calandula, lavender, rosemary, lemon verbana


Large selection of containers to coordinate with your style and chosen flowers. Classical Urns, Boho Chic, Vintage, Rustic, Farm-to-Table, etc.—Clear and Colored Vintage Glass, Antique Silver Plate, Copper, and Brass, Handmade Big Sur Redwood Boxes, Mason Jars, Birch Bark


Cafe Lights, Candles, Vintage Lanterns, Silver Candelabra, Brass Candlesticks, and Vintage Glass


Teepee, Potted Succulents, Trees, Grasses, Herbs, Driftwood, Shells, Stones, Wooden Rounds, Stumps, Antlers, Vintage Trunks, Shepard Hooks, Custom Burlap Runners in an array of colors

Custom Napkin Decor

Herbs, Flowers, Succulents, Spices